Dana & Angel

When Dana’s dog Angel suffered injuries after an encounter with a stray dog, she worried she would lose her. Now Angel is back to her usual mischief!

Kelly & Mac

Mac is Kelly’s best friend, and when he became very sick she was so afraid.

Horvath Family & Panda

After suffering a terrifying attack by a neighbor’s dog, Panda needed help. His family was so grateful!

Keerah & Prince

Prince’s mom Keerah didn’t know where to turn when a suspicious mass appeared.

Owner of Buggles

Buggles urgently needed to see a vet, and his owner’s transportation fell through at the last minute. He not only made it to the appointment, he’s feeling much better now!

René & Peanut

The AdoptUs program for hospice animals helped get Peanut out of the shelter and home with René, where he is happy and loved.

Vanessa & Lilo

When a medical emergency threatened Lilo’s life, Vanessa felt helpless. Now her “ride or die” dog is safe and healthy.

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