Kelly & Mac

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I just wanted to thank the Friends of Front street organization for helping me and my best friend Mac in a very difficult situation. We had no one to turn to and they helped us…and saved his life. He was diagnosed with IMHA which is doggy anemia. He needed immediate [medical] attention. There’s only a 30% success rate in this medical condition. Since coming home from the hospital he is on some medications. But he has survived and is doing great. I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest and emotional turmoil and I was in so much fear. Without your organization he would not have survived because I wouldn’t have been able to even give him the first dose of the meds he needed. I’m so happy and I thank anyone who ever donated and if I’m ever in a financially stable state where I could donate. I will definitely be giving back. A big thanks to Courtney for helping throughout the process to get it through quickly and on time.

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