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We believe that being a good pet owner is about more than money, and good pet owners sometimes need help. 

In partnership with the Front Street Animal Shelter, Friends of Front Street Shelter has helped pet owners in our local community to keep their beloved pets since 2020 by providing financial assistance with the urgent, lifesaving veterinary care. Heartbroken people facing an impossible choice between feeding their families and fixing the suffering of their pet have been given a third option through the Friends of Front Street veterinary support program. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we have funded the care of over 500 pets and families, and are continuing to expand this program to respond to our community members in need. 

Can you help keep families together? Support our efforts to keep people and their pets happy and healthy by donating to the veterinary support program.   

This program is currently only available through dedicated referral sources and is not open to public application. If your pet needs emergency medical assistance, it is your responsibility to provide care. For more information on low-cost veterinary services in the Sacramento area, click here.


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