We came to the shelter on a Sunday to do a doggie meet up with another dog we were interested in. Unfortunately our dog Patch was not a fan, and we were bummed and assumed we’d be going home without a dog. However, the wonderful volunteer helping us, Barbara, told us to give her a second to go get another dog that she thought might work. She brought Zelda over, and her and Patch immediately clicked! Being a 12 yr old dog, he doesn’t have much energy in him but Zelda brought out the puppy in him as he was actually excited and wanted to play with her! We did not expect to bring home a German Shepherd but we really fell in love with her and she ended up coming home with us that same day. Patch now has a buddy to lounge around the house and play with, and we have an energetic younger pack member that can go hiking with us. Win win! Not to mention, Zelda has great manners and knows a lot of cool little tricks. We love miss Zelda and she’s happy to be home for the holidays, thankyou front street! ❤️

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