We adopted Troopurrr in June of 2016 he was a stray cat for the first few months of his life and from the moment we saw him we fell in love. Troopurrr was quiet at first but as soon as we held him he didn’t stop purring! He now spends his days purring and his nights doing the same. My husband was the one who was most hesitant to get a cat but he is the one who has the strongest bond with our new family member. Troopurrr is basically a dog in a cat’s body! He will come when called, he meows only for treats & he will patrol from our patio window letting us know if someone is coming. He’s playful & loving. We can’t imagine our life without our pretty kitty and today 01/02/2019 we are picking up his new little brother Furrrnando from Front Street because Front Street makes our family grow in the best ways!

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