In the Words of a Front Street Foster…

By Wanda Campbell 

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I started my passion of fostering dogs/puppies/cats/kittens in the early 90’s and was involved with a few small home based 501 (c) (3) rescue groups over the years . There was a need in my neighborhood, and I got involved! 

Four years ago I started my fostering affiliation with Front Street Animal Shelter. At that time my own senior dog that I had left (who was also a “rescued dog”) had to be euthanized due to age related medical issues. It was then that I vowed to foster large breed senior dogs and chose Front Street as the source! I added kittens as fosters as well. It’s a great combination to see kittens get used to dogs by being around the seniors who are cat friendly, or at least cat neutral. I do have my own resident cats as well, so that’s important! 

For whatever reason a senior dog ends up at the shelter, good bad or ugly, and needs special medical care or just a warm bed to rest their body in the last chapter of their life. Or maybe they just need to get out of the shelter and see how they are in a home so they can be better matched and adopted! I’m so impressed over the years at how many people are willing, wanting, and able to adopt a senior dog. So thankful for those people! 

Over the years we’ve been able to find excellent homes for many of the seniors I have fostered! And to this day I still keep in touch with some of them, getting pictures and messages occasionally! Some even keep in touch on my Face Book foster page ( It really warms a foster’s heart to have the new family keep in touch and know their previous fosters are living their best life! I have even pet sit for some of them when their family goes on vacation! And I have gone to visit some dogs in their new homes! I’ve also gone to the vet with a dog Mom when it was time for her old girl to cross the Rainbow Bridge. 

It’s the inevitable cycle of life, and I’m thankful I can handle what I do. Whether they’re here for a short visit waiting for their new home or living out the last chapter of their life with me, I want them to feel loved and know the comfort of a home that they may have never had. I wish they could talk. But their eyes and body language speak volumes! I am blessed! 

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