Some dogs come to our shelter needing a little extra training

Which is why we’re thrilled to announce the success of a new program operated by Sacramento Front Street Animal Shelter Advocates that allows prison inmates to spend 5 weeks giving training to shelter dogs in need, under the guidance of professional dog trainers. The program greatly benefits both the inmates and the dogs – The first three dogs in the program, Sweetie, Biggles, and Fiona, have made outstanding progress and are now ready for their furever homes! Please help these hardworking pups find the loving homes they need, and check out their progress and bios below! Email

Sweetie is an energetic, affectionate dog with a big heart and a big personality. She has been extremely receptive to clicker training and great at learning new things. She has learned everything from leash walking, “sit”, “down”, “spin”, “kiss”, “shake”, “wait” at doors, “leave it” crate training, etc. She absolutely loves to practice hide and seek “Come” and is fantastic at distance “Stay”. When first working with her she had some leash reactivity with other dogs, through counterconditioning and desensitization she is doing great now but it will be important to know how to troubleshoot if she has a hard day. She loves puzzle toys and going on jogs but her favorite pastime is cuddling. Ideal Home: No other dogs and no cats. Sweetie (white pit bull) 5 years old, ID 563093

Miss Fiona is a sweet, gentle old lady with a love for games. Some of her favorite games include “Catch” with food or toys and she absolutely loves her ball! When she first came into the program she was very standoffish and the majority of her training was building up her trust and confidence in people. On top of that she has learned a variety of cues like, “sit”, “stay”, “look”, “touch”, “leave it”, leash walking, crate training, etc, She has come so far, it’s amazing. She can still be a little shy sometimes but will now greet people immediately or warm up a lot faster and has formed so many great bonds with numerous inmates. She is a lot more confident and has gotten better with self-soothing. She loves to just hangout, take it easy and watch the world go by with some cuddles and toys, of course with breaks to play some games! Ideal home: Okay with other senior/ mellow dogs. Children over 10. Fiona (German shepherd) 7 years old, ID 567351

Biggles is one special dog. He has such a lovable, unique personality and has found a special place in many inmates hearts. He’s a big, lazy, and lovable goofball with bursts of energy and a love of training. When first working with him, high arousal was his biggest problem. He would get too excited or overly stimulated and have a hard time calming down. Training was extremely successful and he does a great job at self-regulating now. He knows a wide variety of cues from “Spin”, “sit”, “Down”, “stay”, he’s is a master at “leave it”, crate training, meeting people appropriately, calming exercises, lease walking,ect. He is a pretty relaxed, chill dog that just loves life, belly rubs and to “turtle” – roll over onto his back and wiggle around. Ideal home: No cats. Biggles (brown pit bull) 4 years old, ID 538267

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