hi everyone 🙂 ! this is my story. my name is maya. i’m 17 years old. a little bit about myself, i’m currently trying to graduate early. i have 3 jobs, and i want to be a future paramedic. this may be personal, but i’m confident and extremely brave to share. i struggle heavily from PTSD and i have extreme deafness in my left ear replacing my left side hearing aid with a cochlear implant soon. i was looking for a little one to tag along with me for the rest of my time. maybe a dog, maybe a cat, maybe just learn a little magic trick to carry long. just something, i was looking for trust, connection, consistency. this isn’t something i’ve had much of. well this organicly happened. i’ve been looking for a new puppy for about a month. i was extremely eager at first and was going to just take anything i can, but i told myself that there’s many pros and cons to make a descion like that. i took my time. one typical thursday overnight to friday, i was working at one of my jobs. i was sorta bored so i was looking on the computer at puppies. i had been to various pounds around my area and other area and couldn’t seem to find much. i looked down a little further sacramento CA area, and this name “front street”, caught my attention. now let me tell you, i have a horrible attention span. it was interesting. i had never seemed to have much interest in foster dogs because i wanted to get them right to and from the pound and make it quick and easy, but i decided to look at it all instead of being picky. most dogs i came across i wasn’t that interested. i was looking for a girl, a pitbull kinda thing. so i click on foster dogs as my last resort on that page. and i found “sadie” but renamed her “snowy”. what called my attention was “**DEAF**”. in my head i was internally screaming. it was 4am at that time, i called my boyfriend and told him about her and he said “babe, you totally need to get that dog”. Snowy is a female, 11 weeks old, deaf, white pit bull. it felt like all my dreams were coming together in one exact piece. second part was working my way into getting this puppy. immediately i had called, they sent me an eamil to let the people know that i wanted the dog and they would give the foster home my contact information. so i slowly was working with those steps. the foster home got back to me. i was so so so excited. she told me that there was 1 other family interested, they contected before i did which made me scared but i had hope and strength. my biggest piece was my babygirl being able to feel she was connected and that she liked me. later that night i was taking a shower and she had let me know the other family couldn’t make it due to weather. i was seriously hoping then she was mine. i felt it through every single slick bone of time. it felt like i was trying to win the lottery haha. it was really intense for me. i had one more barrier. it was supposed to snow 18-24 inches that night and more the next day when i was supposed to meet and greet with this puppy almost 2 hours away. it may not seem like a lot, but my car is 2WD and is not made for the snow AT ALL. it didn’t pass me. i told myself i could do this. and I DID ! i drove through some snow, made it sacramento, and this is when everything was going to be finalized. snowy would like me or she wouldn’t. i saw her foster gal holding her and i kept smiling and smiling and i was so happy. i was let inside the room with my boyfriend and my mom and the moment snowy was put on the floor she cane full blast into my lap and it was moment of truth. me and her are meant for eachother, it was so amazing. my heart felt so warm, and it was a beautiful moment. i communicate through sign language and spent a lot of time attending one of the 2 ONLY deaf schools in california, as well as it’s a primary language for me. my snowy needs to communicate through sign too, which it just so awesome. this bond is so special let me tell you. i’ve been signing to her and i’ve never just felt so accepted and so trusting. right now as i’m tying my story, she is asleep in my arms, doing some very cute snores. she melts my heart 😊 this is the best experience in my life that i’ve had in a while. below will be some pictures of us! i’m happy that i get to share my intense story of adopting my babygirl. it not your average story and i hope everything can smile and find joy and inspiration through the process of life and getting themselves a fur baby! 💗

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