One day, my mom and I were on our way to go get a kitty from Front Street Animal Shelter, which just so happened to be the first link I clicked to look for kitties in the Sacramento area. We looked at the kitties, but decided we were going to think about which one we wanted over lunch then come back. We realized there were dogs there too, so we just had to go look at them – only for fun we thought. We looked and said hi to a few dogs, but someone caught our eye… We saw the most breathtakingly beautiful German Shepherd with gorgeous glowing eyes, who we now call Reagan. She is our giant loving bear. She was in the shelter for 4 whole months, never adopted within that time, it is almost as if she is a miracle sent from Heaven for my family. She was awed at by so many people once we adopted her, it’s so difficult to believe she was in the shelter for that long. I got in a terrible car accident about a year ago resulting in a traumatic brain injury, and Reagan is the perfect service dog to protect me and help me when I am having anxiety attacks or ptsd. Reagan is the sweetest most loving German Shepherd I have ever met, and i think ever will. She puts her paws up on the bed and gives morning kisses EVERY morning, making sure to wake you up for one only to go right back to sleep. She is 5 years old, but acts just like a new puppy. She is so gentle with other animals and is even potty trained, never having an accident in our house before. Reagan is our brand new baby and I’m so thankful for Front Street Animal Shelter for blessing us with our new family member.

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