I am currently at a university and was struggling with my time in a credential program and thought that i could benefit from getting a companion animal. I took a trip home and was able to get approval from my family and school, and i took a trip to the front street animal shelter because it was recommended to me. When i had arrived to the shelter, EVERY single kitten was adopted, and i was sad. But then i found out that front street worked with Petco with adoptions, so i took a drive over to Petco. Once i got to Petco i realized i left my wallet at Frint Street, so i drove back and innitially wasnt going to drive back to Petco cause i didnt think i would actually adopt a cat that day, but something in my gut told me to go back, so i did. I walked into Petco and i went over to the adoption area and saw all the kitties in the little window. I waited patiently for about 20 minutes before i was able to go in, and when i finally did, my little Parsley was the first one to come up to me. She was way smaller than all the other cats, but she had so much energy and immedietly began to purr and climb on my legs. I got up and checked out some of the other kitties in the room, but Parsley kept following me, so once i left the room, it took me a while to decide which kitty i actually wanted cause they were all so cute and nice. Eventually, i grabbed Parsley’s paperwork and filled out everything and took her home. When i got to my car i thought “wow i really am doing this.” Bear in mind i drove 45 minutes to Sacramento to come to Front Street, so Parsley took that ride home with me and instantly we had a connection. She is the nicest kitty i have ever met, and now that she is here to support me at school, i have never felt better! So thank you Front Street for giving me the oppurtunity to adopt a lovely kitten!

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