I saw the ad two days before the huge adoption event for August 5th. My husband and I had talked about getting a kitten for a while, but the immediacy of seeing the video just two days before solidified it. So on Friday we decided: Sunday we would become fur-parents! But there was one slight issue—my husband was out of town. I told him I had no problem waiting for him to get back so we could find our fur-baby together. But he begged me to go. So on that Sunday, I went to Petco and held kitten after kitten. Then I picked up this one black kitten named Newbert. He climbed into the crevice of my arms, kneading his paws on my shoulder, being careful not to poke me with his claws. I will never forget the way he looked up at me. His eyes seemed to be pleading, yet carried love at the same time, searching for something to place it in. I felt my own eyes start to water. I spent a few more minuets with Newbert, but wanting to ensure I found the right kitten to grow our little family, I set him back in the cage and set off to hold more. I held a duo—a black and an orange kitty. They were best friends and would be adopted together. I cradled them, but could only think of Newbert. I told my guide that I couldn’t get Newbert and his loving eyes out of my head. I rushed back to his cage, plucked him out from the crowd of cats he was in, and took him home. Best of all, my husband came home a few days later, and is utterly in love with Newbert. We are the happiest little trio. I’ll forever thank the tears he brought me in the adoption center—that’s how I knew he was the one.

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