My rescuers think I was left behind or abandoned as I was not feral…

I was just scared. I was on my own for a while and was starting to give up. I was very sick and I couldn’t eat because I couldn’t smell or taste my food and I lost my appetite. I lost a lot of weight and only weighed three pounds. People would see me and just walk passed me, no one tried to leave me food or water. I slept a lot in the bushes and on the grass but nobody tried to help me. One day some nice people saw me laying in the grass, they were scared and didn’t think I was alive, but I lifted my head. They were worried and tried to give me food and water but I didn’t feel good so I didn’t eat. They came back with a cage and took me to the shelter. Doctors took care of me for weeks trying to make me feel better, I had to take medicine and eat special food. Now I’m doing much better and I get to go up for adoption to find my forever family! I just want to find a new home that will love me and take care of me and give me a comfy bed inside.”

If you can give Star Fire the love she’s always wanted, come meet her at the shelter! She did test positive for FIV, but as many FIV positive cat owners will tell you, they can live a normal, long, healthy life just like any other cat with the proper care. Star Fire is 3 years old, female, ID 583728

(Thanks to a generous grant from Petco Foundation all of my medical needs were met! So if you shop at Petco, please donate at the register. Your donations really do make a difference!)

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