I had recently moved from the bay area to Sacramento earlier this year and I was so scared of this new journey. Especially cause I have suffered from extreme anxiety and depression for several years. I had brought it up to my fiance that my therapist suggested I get a dog to help me cope. Therefore my fiance and I decided to come to front Street shelter and just look and see. The first time we came muggsie was on hold for another family which made is very sad. However the second time we came in he was still there and his instant reaction was to jump up and down extremely high for a little guy. When we first got muggsie he was very skinny his ribs would really stand out but he was so energetic and happy. Since we have had muggsie my life has changed so much. I like to say even though I rescued him, it’s more like he rescued me. And for that I love him so much and forever grateful. I went from having two-three panic attacks a week when I moved to having zero in since he has been in my home. This dog is a blessing in our household and is treated like a prince by fiance and I but also our entire family.

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