Mr. Tiger

One regular Friday after ballet and grocery shopping, my mom and I were going to get mice for the snake, Maggie, but I wanted to look at the cat adoption too. SO we drove there. When we got there, I ran to inside Petco and saw Mr. T. The moment I saw him, I wanted to cuddle and hug him for hours. I was like “Mom, he is PERFECT!” I was so excited. My mom asked about the cat adoptions the cat caretaker told us about the cats who were related. I said the grey tabby was perfect. He was the one. The only one for me! My mom said why not. Then, we adopted him. I was crying when I saw my mom filling out the papers. I cuddled and pet him for about 20 minutes and sitting on the bench, still crying with joy and love for this bundle of cuteness! He is very little and adorable! I am glad that he has a new home at my home.


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