My Adoption Story One week after we had to put our best shelter dog down that was 14 years old named Palmer. He was my family’s best friend. My dad took him to the Vet and he said that Palmer was very ill and he could not do anything to make him feel better. He also said that Palmer lived a great life and it was definitely time for him to go. We had no choice but to say ok. We knew it would be hard to not have someone to comfort you when you are sad and keep you safe when you were scared, he always loved us and would never give up. We were all happy that Palmer would not be in pain any more. We loved him very much. Palmer was a great dog. After that week we all said we have to find a dog to love. So we went online to look at some dogs at the SPCA. We did not find any dogs that were just right. So, one day I was going to my Aunt’s house for a sleepover we met her by a store called Petco. My mom and dad saw people going in and coming out with dogs. So, they went in and talked to the lady at the store and told her what kind of dog we wanted. The lady said she might have a match for us. My dad told my mom “lets think about it” so we did. Two days later, the lady called and said we have a match also you can come see him tomorrow if you want. So, we said YES! The next day, we went to go see the puppy. We were so excited! When I saw him come in, I knew I loved him from first sight. We went to play with him for a while and get to know him better. They told us he was 12 weeks old and and was a great friend to have. We all loved him. My mom and dad said yes we want him. They signed all the paperwork and we got to take him home. He was good in the car too! We named him Manny and he learned his name really fast. He is very kind and love’s our house! I love having a friend to play with every day. We have had Manny for a couple of days. It has been a great couple of days with our new family member.
Name: Marli Fajardo Age: 9 years old

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