Luna’s Story By: Natalie Garske It all kicked off with our first dog Bella. Bella is a 7 year old female German Shepherd, Retriever, Lab mix. We got her when I was little girl so she attached to my mom. However when I got older and was more educated about dogs, I started to want my own. I begged my parents for another dog, but they always gave me the same answer “Maybe later.” I promised them I will take responsibility for this dog we get. I offered to take care of Bella so that I could prove to be responsible pet owner for a puppy. I began to train with Bella and taking responsibility for her. Such as picking up poop, feeding her, and taking her on walks. After a few months one day my mom said let’s go to the shelter. My heart jump for joy, so I got ready as quick as possible. We viewed many dogs and we just didn’t find the perfect one. Then one day we went to the Front Street Shelter and deep down in my gut I had this weird feeling like that this was the one. So on May 27, 2018 we visited Luna and fell in love with her at the first site. So we ended up taking her home. Luna’s has earned her spot in the family, showing unconditional love. In conclusion, Luna has adapted to her new home and I am extremely happy that we got her from the Front Street Shelter.

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