It all started with the adoption event held in PetCo. I have been wanting to adopt a cat for a while, but have never been able to since I was always busy with work. The Friday after my parents tried to visit the shelter (and didn’t end up adopting in my stead), I decided to do it myself. Thus, I went on a Sunday, a week before Thanksgiving. Upon arriving, I saw this small unique furball from the lot (he was the only bi-color kitten, the rest were tabbies). We locked eyes and the way he stared at me made me decide to give him a try. After a few minutes of awkward introductions, he finally warmed up to me via play and kept on rubbing against my feet. He made me feel as if I was welcomed and accepted, so I grabbed the opportunity and immediately adopted him (it was also a nice surprise, since I learned later on that the adoption fee was waived due to a kind individual who sponsored the fees so that these lil cuties could have a furrever home in time for Thanksgiving). Two months later and we are now as thick as thieves. He loves snoozing on his side of the bed while I take the other! I feel very grateful for having adopted him since he is very therapeutic, taking away the stress I get from work and making me feel safe and relaxed, especially whenever I get an anxiety attack. Thank you so much Front Street for saving these angels and in turn saving people as well!

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