Lady (aka Cookie, Shelter Name)

It was a Sunday afternoon 12/30 and I had just gotten home from a holiday weekend with my kids and grand-kids. I was unpacking the car and noticed a little dog in front of our house. Thinking it was the neighbor’s dog, I continued doing what I was doing. A little while later, I noticed the dog was in the street. I went out front and called to it. It came right away. She wasn’t wearing a collar. The dog was adorable and so sweet, but we already had two dogs and didn’t need another which my husband gently reminded me when I brought her in. I took her picture and posted it on Nextdoor. I got a few responses of where the dog might live. After walking around the neighborhood and knocking on doors, I decided to take her to Mueller’s Pet Hospital to see if she had a chip. She didn’t. The clinic told me that the shelter closed at 5:00 and if I didn’t want to have her until Wednesday, I’d better get her over there. Knowing I would get too attached if I kept her until Wednesday, I took her to the shelter. As it was, after three hours I was in love! As soon as I dropped her off, I knew I shouldn’t have and wanted her. I called the shelter to get information on how to adopt her, if she wasn’t claimed by her owner. Being that adoption is on a first-come-first-serve basis, I didn’t want to miss out. She wasn’t available for adoption until Thursday, but I went to the shelter on Wednesday to make sure I knew exactly where to go and what to do to get her when she was available Thursday morning. Unfortunately, what I was told on the phone and what I was told when I went on Wednesday didn’t exactly match up. On the phone, I was told about a list that is available to sign first thing in the morning. When I went in on Wednesday, no one seemed to know anything about a list. Anyway, I was at the shelter on Thursday at 11:00 a.m. I had been standing there about 15 minutes when I noticed “the list” right in front of me. Only one person had signed it and thankfully it wasn’t for the dog I wanted. I added my name underneath the one on the list and waited. A young man, who I later learned was Bobbie, asked me if I’d been helped. I told him which dog I wanted and he told me all about the morning they had with Fox 40 News. He sent me pictures. About 15 minutes later, a woman came along and put her name underneath mine with the same dog’s ID number as the one I was there for. I could hardly wait to get in the door. I was told she wouldn’t get spayed until Friday, 1/11 which was over a week away. I bought her a new bed and got ready to bring her home. I got a surprise when the shelter called on Sunday afternoon, 1/6 around 2:30 and said I could pick her up at 5:00. I was so excited! She has been a great addition to our household. She chose us!

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