Juice Liming

My husband and I were looking to adopt another dog for our current dog. We came across Juice’s photo (formally known as “Enzo”) online and my husband was instantly in love. We emailed the shelter to get a few details about Juice and decided we had to meet him. The following Saturday we drove an hour and half to The Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento. I went in first to find his kennel, when I did he was barking and pacing, he was much bigger than expected. I grabbed his package and went to the front . We waited in line for what felt like forever (It was maybe 15 mins) . They called us to meet him in one of the play yards, when they brought him out he was friendly but cautious. They told us he had been in and out of the shelter and found as a stray after being adopted a few months before. He was gentle and had a relaxed disposition. They said he was okay with other dogs but didn’t think he’d make a good fit for doggy daycare or the dog park, we were bummed. We wanted him to meet our dog, so we took them on a walk together. They instantly connected! We took them to a play yard and did great! The shelter staff gave us many warnings about him but also gave us plenty of time to decide and let the dogs interact. We knew we had to take him home. With this being his new life we wanted to give him a new name. Once we were home all he wanted to do was sleep and eat! Juice slept in bed with us and cuddled non stop! We took him to the pet store for all his new stuff, where he met several children and various sized dogs! He was such a gentleman! He now gets to play with his sister and the neighbor kids in his big backyard! Juice even went to the beach, we believe for the first time, and had a great time! He loves his new sister, Diamond, they do everything together ! Juice recently passed his interview at Camp Bow Wow Diablo Valley and goes to play regularly! We really won with this guy! He’s such a sweet, smart and gentle boy! We couldn’t imagine anyone leaving him! Since we’ve had him he’s learned a few new tricks (roll over and down) ! My husband, Diamond and I adore him, we are so glad we could give him a loving forever home and show everyone you can’t judge a book by his cover! Juice is perfect , Thank you Front Street animal shelter for keeping him safe until we found him!

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