Jasper didn’t have much life in his eyes when he came to the shelter.

He had a condition where he couldn’t open his jaw very far, and had some of the worst dental issues we’d ever seen. He’d lie motionless in his foster home for hours, and it was unclear how long he would live. But despite Jasper’s misfortune, he lucked out on one thing – his foster mom. She said, “You need to give me a sign that you want the chance to live,” and found a local vet who could treat his mouth problems even amidst COVID-19 closures. With time came healing, and he slowly grew into a very loving, engaging and playful dog. His foster mom renamed him Chance – the stubborn little soul who refused to give up on life. He has a clean bill of health, eats soft foods voraciously, and follows his humans relentlessly – and soon, he’ll be off to Idaho to be adopted by his foster mom’s sister!

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