If you find a lost pet, is taking them to a shelter always the best thing to do?

Not necessarily. Shelters are crowded, stressful places for animals where illness easily spreads, and fewer than 1 out of 3 dogs and 1 out of 10 cats are ever found in the shelter by their owners. The animal will be much happier and have a much better chance of getting home if you care for them temporarily. The owner is likely in your neighborhood, and you have a much greater ability to market that dog online and with flyers than a shelter ever could.

Sue lost both her dogs, but thanks to kind animal lovers who posted her pups on Nextdoor, she was able to get them home in less than a day, before either of them had to experience the stress of the shelter.

We need your help as we strive to keep our shelter from overcrowding during our limited capacity, appointment-only operations in response to COVID-19. If you find a pet, text FOUNDPET to 555888 for easy, proven tips to find the owner. If you can’t care for the animal, we’re here to help. You can call 311 if you live in the city to discuss possible options and/or schedule an appointment to drop off the pet.

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