Happy Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week

To our compassionate, dedicated officers who keep the community safe for both people and animals! Last year they responded to nearly 21,000 calls, 4,000 of those emergencies. They assisted with multiple unique rescues including a mountain lion, a “service” monkey, and a 5 1/2 foot boa constrictor sunning himself in the middle of a neighborhood street. They saved 33 dogs from a hoarding situation, and finished assisting a cat owner who started off with 70 cats in his RV. He is now the content owner of 7 spayed and neutered cats and has managed to maintain a much cleaner living area for all involved.

A new Animal Cruelty Investigator position was created, and last year twenty cruelty cases were submitted to the District Attorney’s office, with fifteen other cases being investigated currently.

Multiple officers and staff also formed the Sac P.A.W.S (Promoting Animal Welfare and Safety) team, and they’ve been hard at work developing a wide-reaching program to provide door to door resources to those communities needing them the most.

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