It all began with Star and eight reindeer. My wife and I visited Front Street multiple times looking for the perfect addition to our two human, two feline, and one sassy canine family. On one of our visits, we met a petite German Shepard that was visiting the shelter with her foster mom. We thought, “Finally, this is it!” She was a smart, sweet doggy mamma, who recently had eight pups. Unfortunately, our sassy canine, Bowie, did not fancy this German Shepard at all. So, the search continued. Meanwhile, we formed a great rapport with Amanda, the foster mom; Amanda, knowing our spirits were down, asked if we wanted to contribute by naming the German Shepard. We were grateful, and gave her the name Star (short for Ziggy Stardust). About four months later, our search endured. My wife was looking on the Front Street webpage, and saw the cutest little face of a four-month-old puppy named Dasher. In his bio, it stated he had a medical issue called dysphagia (aka Dasher could not keep his food down without the help of gravity). Other than that, he was a happy puppy who loved cats, dogs and people. We immediately emailed Front Street, and received a response letting us know that Dasher had many people interested, and that the foster mom Amanda would reach out if he was still available. We started to connect the dots: Star lived with a foster mom Amanda, and she had eight pups. Dasher is one of the names of the eight reindeer. That was a little over four months ago. Could it be? I excitedly text Amanda and asked if Dasher was one of her fosters and if he was Star’s baby. When she responded, happy tears began to flow. We were going to get a whole lot of Dasher and a little bit of Star! Bowie and Dasher are made for one another. They are the perfect duo and Dasher makes the perfect addition to our now family of six!

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