After losing our last of our two rescue pups after 11 years, our daughter Sophia, decided that our house was in need of another tail-wagger. As parents, we were hesitant to move so quickly on another dog. Over the summer, Sophia visited Front Street 2-3 times a week before leaving for college. While at college in Ohio, she would send us daily text messages and links if dogs available at Front Street. After discovering Cookie, she pleaded with us to the point of tears for wanting her to be rescued. We finally succumbed and allowed her to put her name in for an adoption. On adoption day, Sophia was told that Cookie was no longer available. She was extremely disappointed and sad. Unbeknownst to her, we secretly adopted Cookie as a surprise for Sophia. The Front Street Staff played along with us and helped to make this Christmas the best we’ve had in years! Cookie is THE BEST dog we could have ever hoped for and we are so grateful for Gina and the staff of the shelter for their commitment to all the animals they serve, especially our Cookie!

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