Buddy, you lucky dog, you!

“Just take me in for a couple weeks,” he said. “You won’t fall in love,” he said. Foster has turned to forever for the handsome and charming Buddy, and it’s easy to see why.

“Buddy loves cuddling with us. He specifically joins me on the couch and will lay his paw on me and rest his head on my lap to sleep, around noon, and before bedtime to seek warmth. He won’t leave my side at night until I finish work even if I’m simply watching a show. Buddy learned how to swim recently and discovered how much he loves swimming and can also officially fetch now. He enjoys morning sunbathing at our backyard before his early morning walk. I couldn’t expect Buddy to sleep without a cozy bed, and although he has a bed, he does not like sleeping alone, so we brought his bed to our room where he happily snores and sleeps and or sometimes joins us in our bed. He even waits for my partner, when he works late, at the front of our connecting door at the garage patiently around 9 PM.”

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