Brooklyn Mae

Prior to adopting, i was searching for about a year for a dog that was going to be a good fit for my family because i have small Young children. I’ve walked shelters all the time looking and unfortunately none sparked a connection with my little family.. until i saw Brooklyn in kennel [ A SINK ] . She was the one immediate connection. So i went to get a time for a meet n greet. The staff said i was her 3rd meet today. The meet went great and i decided to make her our newest member to my family. Now since she’s been with me going on 2 months , she amazes me each day. She’s general with my kids, she goes to them when they cry which shocks me, she gets along with other animals so she gets Constant play dates. She’s truly remarkable and I’m honestly blessed i came across her path and her to share life with her as part of our family. Thank you front street for doing what you guys do.

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