A true story of kindness and a Thanksgiving miracle ❤


Chato went missing 6 years ago. His mother, Sandra, looked for him tirelessly for many months. She moved to New Mexico, but still held out hope of seeing him again one day.
Last weekend, a senior pug came into our shelter. He had a microchip, and that microchip had Sandra’s number, which was still updated.
Sandra was in tears when we told her we had found Chato. Partly out of joy, but also out of sadness, since she didn’t have the means of getting him to New Mexico.
An employee at another local shelter knew Sandra and her love for Chato, and since she and her boyfriend didn’t have holiday plans due to COVID, she decided to do something truly kind on a holiday that’s all about gratitude.
Erica and her boyfriend made the 17 hour drive, and our nonprofit,

, offered to pay travel expenses.

After 6 years of missing each other, Chato and Sandra were reunited today, just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.
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